First blog post

“i am a person who is running away from things that cannot be mentioned into a 2D world that will take me far away…follow me if you are bored enough to stare at drying paint…” random quote

I like to escape. Why? Does it matter really… everyone wants to escape from something sometime.

When I was young, I would escape into paperback novels that I would read lying curled up in bed…

I would borrow all these books from my dad, or my sisters. They had lots and lots of books. When I was seven, my favorite novel was “the hobbit” and by then I already read the whole Enid Blyton series “the magic faraway tree” …sigh… such magical and wonderful worlds to escape in. Later on, it would be JT Edson, a whole series on cowboys in Texas,and then I discovered ahem, romances *blush*. Damn you mills & boons! You set me up with all these crazy ideas about guys being heros and stuff 😡😡😡burnnn in hell! Setting off a lifetime of addiction to romance and fantasy ❤️❤️❤️.

Since then, I had other equally interesting escapes, one of it I will start detailing here very soon…

Specifically, c-novels.

My favorite genres to read would be #romance, #fantasy and #historical #mature #josei #shoujo #psychological.

10 ten c novels (no particular order)